Mats made of basalt superthin fiber insulation BSTV are non-combustible material with a temperature of 850 0 C applications. Are used for thermal insulation of power equipment for thermal power station, thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, as well as apply to the field of aviation, metallurgy, coke, civil construction.


The mats have a high chemical resistance to alkaline and acidic environments do not contain carcinogens and toxic substances. Does not contain a binder. The fibers in the mat are interconnected by natural adhesion and have a small diameter of 1-3 microns and a fiber length of 50-70 mm.

Due to the content of air spaces within the fiber structure of the material has low thermal conductivity (0.037 W / (m * K)
Low density mats (up to 40 lbs. / Cubic meter), allows their installation without impacting the design.

Ceramic yarn products (plates, mats) are imported to Ukraine from China and are refractory - Ukrainian analogue of mullite fiber products (plates, wadding, felt), with temperature applications up to 1150 0C. These products are not included in the list of materials used for thermal insulation by SNIP 2.04.14-88 "Thermal insulation of equipment and pipelines" and DBN A.2.2-26-99 "Thermal insulation work."

Assigning materials lining furnaces in metallurgy, machine building, the walls of the packing trolleys, manufacture of refractory plasters, thermal insulation of buildings ladles, and other metallurgical equipment.

Ceramic yarn products have short fibers 10-20 mm, can not withstand prolonged vibronagruzok, causing abrasion and destruction of the insulation layer.
Because of the high density products 128-160 lbs. / Cubic meter. increases the load on the insulated structure, which requires them to additional amplification.

Given the high cost of materials keramovoloknistyh in comparison with thermal insulation of basalt super Wolong BSTV, their use is not appropriate for temperatures up to 850 0C.