Humanity today are seeking new forms of energy. Growth of world population, rapid development of industry leads to an increase in energy demand, and natural resources istoschyayutsya. Where is the exit?

Saving technologies

To date, this industry is a priority, it is far more profitable to conserve energy and heat than to buy.

Relevance use of modern insulating materials is obvious. Trade and industrial enterprise "SZTI" is on the Ukrainian market of thermal insulation of the domestic manufacturer. The basis of thermal insulation products is mineral or basalt wool. Our products are durable, rot, are not acceptable medium for microorganisms and rodents, non-flammable, non toxic, not explosive, not hygroscopic, with a wide range: from -180 °C to +700 °C.

scope of these articles - a modern construction, insulation pipes and industrial equipment at nuclear power plants CHP. Elasticity and flexibility of products allows their use in designs of various configurations.

In heat insulation performance mats of mineral and basalt wool 60 mm thick, replace:

  • concrete walls of thickness 1745 mm
  • brickwork thickness of 370 mm
  • Wood thickness 350 mm

Each ton of insulation saves up to 200 tons of fuel a year.

For insulating buildings and storitelnyh sooruzhegny pipelines and other facilities following range of products:

  • Mats mineral and basalt building specifications. Y in 2.7-21.036-99 in polyethylene packaging;
  • Mats sewed insulation of superfine basalt fiber (MTPB) TU. In V.2.7.-21.356-99 and Mineral (MTPM) TU. In V.2.7.-21.356-99 in coated fiberglass;
  • mineral wool-fat GOST 4640-93;
  • Mats insulation of the super basalt fiber to a metal grid Magnier B.2.7 TU-21.356-99.

Our company works with leading enterprises of Ukraine, ore mills, coke and steel plants, heat provincial cities large energy companies.

Experienced specialists of our company will help you choose insulation materials for each case.

for wholesale buyers and loyal customers has developed a system of discounts and promotions.

We deliver materials to our car. Vehicle fleet company is a modern train brand Renault and DAF.

All offered products are certified in UKRSEPRO system and has a hygiene and radiological certificates, passes strict quality control directly in the production of ...